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West Suburban Montessori School awards scholarship money each year to students who have been accepted into the 3-6 or 6-12 year old programs.  Applications are due each year by March 15th for the following fall.  This scholarship money is awarded based on financial need which could include a partial or full tuition.


*Scholarship money includes school tuition only.  It does not include child care expenses, membership fees, continuing enrollment fees or any extra expenses for school.


*In order to be considered for Assistance families need to apply through the FAST system, administered by Independent School Management.  Access to the information filed with FAST, is limited to the Head of School and Administrative Assistant at WSMS.  This independent organization will return a recommendation to WSMS regarding financial need for each applicant.  In addition families will submit a copy of this year’s Form 1040 to WSMS with all attachments and a copy of the corresponding W-2’s.  These documents will be kept confidential.


*Families will be notified in writing about awards to be given for the following school year.  Families are responsible for applying for the scholarship each year.

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