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"Our family is so grateful for WSMS, a school that cares deeply about fostering every child's love of learning and one where learning really has no bounds. In addition to the things you would expect any school to provide children (an understanding of mathematics, literacy, culture, science, geography, etc.) WSMS also provides the environment, guidance & support for children to develop a strong sense of...collaboration within a community; a sense of independence and internal motivation, coupled with respect and self-discipline; along with an ability to persevere and problem-solve from opportunities to learn from successes and failures. The physical environment is beautiful, inviting, and thoughtfully arranged. There is a sense of harmony and order present that is comforting. Our son thrived in the primary program and is now thoroughly engaged and continuing to grow in the elementary program."


-Melissa Authement

"This school is Sofie's community.  Yes, Jaime and I participate as much as we can as parents, but not in the same way the children do.  As is part of the design of the Montessori education, WSMS is really the children's community.  When we come to school or leave school children are always saying hello and good bye to her and us.  When we see WSMS families around town the children usually have something to talk about, especially if they are in the same classroom.  I find our experience with children at WSMS feel so proud of their school and their classroom and projects, in a way that is very different from the traditional instructor led environment.  The child really feels ownership of what happens at school."





-Joe Sutton

"To me, WSMS stands for two things: fostering a love of learning in children, and community. We have been part of the WSMS community for five years, and as students there, my two children (ages 7 and 5) have developed lifelong skills such as respect for themselves and others, the ability to guide younger children, and most importantly an appreciation for learning the fundamentals of math and reading. We are fortunate to have found WSMS so early in our children's educational experiences."


- Michelle  Barnes

"West Suburban really built up my reading and my math skills. What I mean is that I wouldn't be at the reading and math levels I am now if it wasn't for what I learned there. I also like their way of teaching. It's not just about learning but also about cleaning up after yourself and being nice to each other."



- Sam Debush, 10, alum of the primary program; currently in 4th Grade

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